Who Needs A CSCS Green Card And Why Choose City & Guilds?

This week we will be taking a look at the Green CSCS Labourer Card covering many of the questions we get asked.

  • What is the CSCS.
  • Who needs a Green CSCS Labourers Card.
  • Why Choose City & Guilds and the 6072-51 Health and Safety in Construction Qualification.
  • And what options are there available to get this qualifciation.

The Constuction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) helps construction sites, employers and workers raise the standard of safety and health by providing evidence that workers on site are appropriately qualified. Within the CSCS framework there are many different types of cards available for different sectors, jobs and experiences today we will be focusing on the Green CSCS Labourers Card.

Should workers currently hold the green Construction Site Operative Card (CSO) these have been withdrawn from the 1st July 2014 and been replaced by the Green CSCS Labourers Card for persons working in labourers occupations. The CSO Card remains valid and can still be used until the expiry date on the card has expired, when your CSO Card has expired. Workers should then:

  • Apply for the Green CSCS Labourers Card if they are planning on working as a labourer on construction sites.
  • Alternatively using the CSCS card finder on the CSCS website (Link Below) look for the most relevant card that applies to them.

CSCS – Constuction Skills Certification Scheme Website Link


Who might need a Green CSCS Labourers Card? Applicants must be over the age of 16 to apply for the Green CSCS Labourers Card and once workers have received the Green CSCS Card they will be allowed access to complete tasks on construction sites at entry-level positions, the card is valid for 5 years before having to complete a renewal process.

  • Anyone looking to start work in the construction industry will find applying for positions much easier and quicker if they already hold a valid Green CSCS Labourers Card, most job advertisements require this. The following links are to indeed.co.uk and reed.co.uk where you will find the latest construction jobs available in your area.



  • Individuals or companies who may be starting works on a construction site may need to have valid CSCS Card to access the site. This Green CSCS Labourers Card demonstrates to the principal contractor that every worker on site is up to date with entry-level safety and health and has completed a qualification demonstrating their understanding.

To be able to apply for the Green CSCS Labourers Card, workers must complete a Health and Safety course and pass the industry-recognised qualification. Why choose City & Guilds? The 6072-51 by City & Guilds is an industry-recognised qualification and valid to use by the CSCS when applying for the Green CSCS Labourers Card.

City & Guilds are a global leader in providing qualifications that evidence vital workplace skills. Throughout the construction industry and associated trades City & Guilds is known by almost everyone contractor, employer and recruitment agency therefore workers who hold the City & Guilds Health and Safety in Constuction Qualification and have a Green CSCS Labours Card will be in a good position to find work in the industry.

What options can MJ Electrical Training offer workers wanting to take the online course and examination? There are 3 options available to candidates:

Access to the course is available straight after completing the enrollment process. But first, you will need to decide on what exam option works best for you! Our most popular option is to take the examination from home using the C&G home exam option, you could be certificated and through the first stages of the CSCS application process within 2 weeks.

Examination options:

  1. Choose an exam date today by booking a place at one of the exam centres. If you’re not fully prepared or your plans change, we can reschedule your exam.
  2. Choose flexible exam date, start studying today and contact us when your ready to take your City & Guilds examination.
  3. Choose home examination and get booked in straight away with City & Guilds to take your exam from home, office or workplace.

    All the options can be found on our main course page, image link below:

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