Decembers Prize Draw

For everyone who took their examinations during November and December and kindly left us a review, got their name entered into a free prize draw to win three great Wiha hand tools, let’s take a look at the three prizes…

The Wiha Soft-Finish SlimVario Stubby Screwdriver.
As tradespersons, we often require short, handy screwdrivers for completing electrical tasks in cramped and confined working environments.

This often means the handle is shortened, or electricians work with non-insulated screwdrivers, compromising our safety.

Thanks to Wiha they have created the optimal solution for such cases in its insulated stubby short screwdriver. An overall length of just 105 mm, it is perfect for working in those tight and confined spaces.

The short screwdriver is also fully compatible with slimBits, meaning the whole range of screw profiles are covered. Protective insulation has been integrated into the blade with the Wiha slimTECHNOLOGY specially developed for electric applications, ensuring blades that are up to 33% slimmer.

The Stubby handle and slimBits undergo routine individual piece testing as per the international IEC 60900 standard, as a result providing users with a tool to work safely on live parts up to 1,000 V AC.

The Wiha Electricians Hammer.
This great hammer from Wiha helps reduce the problems electricians and associated professionals have when accessing confined spaces and corners. The Wiha Electricians Hammer has been ergonomically designed with a U-shaped sticking surface with flat, straight claws, providing optimum access to tight areas.

With its optimally uniform weight distribution, the hammer promises perfect balance, delivering impact and fatigue-free work. Thanks to the ergonomically designed, non-slip handle, the electrician’s hammer will fit perfectly into the hand, ensuring a secure hold when striking.

The flat, straight claws on the hammerhead enable users to remove nail clamps even from difficult-to-reach spots and pull nails quickly and easily from the wall. The flat surface on the hammer handle means cables and dowels are positioned effectively without causing any damage to the wall.

Wiha VDE SoftFinish Slotted Screwdriver Set.
Wihas SlimFIx screwdrivers have blades that are up to 33% narrower than normal VDE screwdrivers due to their integrated insulation system. This unique system provides users with easier and protected access to deep-set screws whilst working on live parts.

Within this great six screwdriver set comes the following screwdrivers:

  • SoftFinish electric slimFix, Slotted: 3,5 , Visible blade length: 100
  • SoftFinish electric slimFix, Slotted: 4,0 , Visible blade length: 100
  • SoftFinish electric slimFix, Slotted: 5,5 , Visible blade length: 125
  • SoftFinish electric slimFix, Slotted: 6,5 , Visible blade length: 150
  • SoftFinish electric slimFix, Pozidriv: PZ1 , Visible blade length: 80
  • SoftFinish electric slimFix, Pozidriv: PZ2 , Visible blade length: 100

Everyone’s name who left a review got entered into our online wheel of names random name picker to win this great three-item prize.

We had 76 examinations through November & December spread across all four of our courses.

67 successful first time passes, including four successful ECS Health and Safety exemptions for persons looking to get their JIB Gold Cards and Three persons who took the CSCS Health and Safety in Construction course and exam by City & Guilds to start the application process for the Green CSCS Labourers Card.

From the 76 candidates who took their examinations, we had 18 reviews, which is really great. Thank you to everyone who left a review.

Let’s see who won the Wiha prize bundle…

Congratulations to Ben H who took is Part P City & Guilds 2393-10 examination in Bristol on the 25th November.

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