18th Edition Course – Who can take it?

In this first series of blogs we will be looking at various topics all relating to the 18th Edition course and examination by City & Guilds.

Who is the qualification for and what if any prerequisites are there to taking this 18th Edition course?

The 2382 qualification is a City & Guilds examination for the 18th Edition of the IET’s requirements for electrical installations BS7671. The qualification is a standalone qualification that has no formal entry requirements. However it is stated that candidates are expected to have a basic knowledge of electrical science and there is an age restriction to the qualification of 16 and over.

What does this mean?

Despite popular belief you do not require the Amendment 3 of the 17th Edition, the 17th Edition qualification or any other previous edition to take this new 2382-18 examination by City & Guilds.

City & Guilds also tell us what centre requirements there are for candidates taking the 2382 qualification. ‘Centres must ensure candidates have the potential and opportunity to successfully gain the qualification’. Before we look at what this means let’s take a look at what the qualification covers?

City & Guilds tells us that the ‘qualification is intended to ensure that individuals are conversant with the format, content and application of the requirements for electrical installations BS7671’.

Centres are allowed to teach the qualification in many different methods as long that they meet the awarding bodies qualification criteria of ‘format, content and application’. This means the course outline should cover the whole of the BS7671 and not focus solely on the changes between the 17th and 18th editions. Candidates should be familiar with (conversant) the format of the book,  the content of the book and the application of the book.

Meeting these guidelines as a centre can be achieved in many different ways and with this new edition change in wiring regulations we have seen a multitude of methods being offered from online courses and tutorials to 1,3,4,5, day courses.

MJ Electrical Training have developed an online tutorial covering the required elements of the BS7671 ensuring maximum pass results and limiting the amount of time candidates need to take off work. Our 18th Edition course includes the 2382 examination by City & Guilds and is only £165 + VAT.

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