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The CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) is a widely recognised certification scheme for construction workers. It was established in the mid-1990s to improve the competence and safety of construction workers on construction sites.

The main purpose of CSCS is to provide a means of verifying that individuals working in the construction industry have the appropriate skills, qualifications, and training required for their specific roles. It aims to ensure that construction workers have the necessary knowledge and understanding of health and safety practices, as well as the technical skills required to carry out their jobs effectively.

The CSCS operates by issuing a range of different-coloured Construction Skills Certification Cards, commonly known as CSCS cards. These cards act as proof that individuals have met the required standards of competence and health and safety awareness for their respective trades or job roles. The cards are widely recognised across the construction industry and are often a mandatory requirement to access construction sites or secure employment with construction companies.

To work as a labourer and gain access to a construction site you will need the Green CSCS Labourers Card. All applicants must hold a recognised Health and Safety qualification to complete one of the parts required to complete the application process. The City & Guilds 6072-51 Health & Safety in a Construction Environment is approved by the CSCS. 


Our Health and Safety online course with City & Guilds exam has been designed to give construction workers and those needing to access construction sites a streamlined, cost-effective and direct approach to gaining their CSCS Health and Safety qualification.

Using the home exam option, you could be passed and certificated within ten days from enrollment.

Working through the learning outcomes, we will cover what you will need to pass your exam, covering the following lessons:


Lesson 1.
Understanding The Principles of a Risk Assessment for Maintaining and Improving Health and Safety at Work.
Lesson 2.
Understanding The Importance of Safe Manual Handling in the Workplace.
Lesson 3.
Understanding The Importance of Working Safely at Height in the Workplace.
Lesson 4.
Understanding The Risks to Health Within a Construction Environment.
Lesson 5.
Understanding The Important of Woking Around Plant and Machinery Safely.

During and at the end of each lesson, there are test-your-knowledge exercises, quick quizzes and videos outlining the lesson’s key points, helping reinforce the areas we have covered. 

There are more than 200 practice test questions designed to prepare you for your final examination. At the end of the course, we have two timed practice mock examinations, and should you need it, tutor support is available from our qualified Health and Safety experts. 

You will be given an in-depth overview of what to expect on your exam day, helping you to be fully prepared.

By the end of the course, you will be able to demonstrate that you are fully conversant with the Health and Safety regulations surrounding non-skilled work on a construction site and ready to pass your City & Guilds exam.

Centre Examination

Taking your final City & Guilds examination from a centre has never been easier. MJ Electrical Training has the largest centre network available to candidates with over 35 locations throughout England, Wales & Scotland. Examinations can be taken most weeks from all our centre locations. 

Select the centre examination and choose your preferred location. Shortly after completing the enrollment process, we will be in touch to organise a date that works for you.

Why choose a centre examination?

Take the examination can be taken from a local test centre.

  • Examinations are available most weeks at all locations. 
  • Quick turnaround.
  • Same-day results.
  • All examinations are directly organised by MJ Electrical Training.

Home exam

(Can be taken at work or anywhere with an appropriate setting)

Home examinations were introduced by City & Guilds in early 2021 to help ease the backlog of examinations due to the COVID pandemic. Because of its success, home and workplace examinations are now available across all City & Guilds evolve end point assessments. 

The examination is invigilated directly by City & Guilds using your web camera and microphone.

Why choose a home examination?

Take the examination from the safety and comfort of your home or workplace. 

  • Same-day results.
  • Examinations are available Monday – Friday 0800hrs, 1130hrs & 1600hrs. 
  • Often, it is the quickest way to take your examination.

Candidates must ensure the following:

  • The exam setting must be appropriate.
  • Candidates must have a PC with a recent Microsoft operating system and a stable internet connection.
  • Candidates must hold a reasonable level of computer literacy.
  • Technical issues on examination day resulting from candidate error will require a rebooking fee of £42.00.

Bring the examination centre to your workplace

If you would prefer to have the examination invigilated in person but still taken from your workplace. We can arrange for the exam to take place under the watchful eye of a centre approved invigilator at no additional cost. 

Please get in touch with me for further information… simon.hodge @

Why choose workplace-invigilated exams?

  • Take the examination from the safety and comfort of your workplace.
  • Examinations are available anytime, seven days a week.
  • Most flexible option.
  • Instant results at the end of your exam.
  • Perfect for group bookings. 

If you plan to start work in the UK construction industry, you will need a CSCS Green Labourer Card. The card is designed for construction workers who are being employed to complete labour or non-skilled jobs on construction and building sites and shows you have acquired the necessary level of knowledge to operate safely in the construction environment. The CSCS Green Labourer Card allows workers to complete tasks on sites at entry-level positions and is valid for five years.

When you have completed the qualification and been certificated,  you will be able to book yourself in for the Health and Safety Operatives Test at a Person View test centre. Once you have passed both examinations, you will be able to apply for your CSCS Card by visiting the CSCS website. 

CSCS website

Undertaking the Health and Safety course with City & Guilds examination by MJ Electrical Training is the first step in obtaining the CSCS Green Labourer Card. There are three stages in total to getting your CSCS Green Labourer Card.

Stage 1

Obtain an approved Health and Safety qualification related to a construction environment. The City & Guilds 6072-51 is approved by the CSCS.

Stage 2

Book and pass the Health, Safety and Environment online test set by CSCS. This can be booked through the CSCS website.

Stage 3

Apply for the card and pay the fee.

What is in the final examination?
For your final City & Guilds exam, you will undertake a 45-question, 70-minute multiple-choice test online. The pass mark is 80%. 

Will the online course work on my phone or tablet?
Yes, the online course works across all different types of electronic devices. This includes your phone, tablet, laptop or PC

When will i get my results and certificate?
Your results will be emailed to you the same day, normally within a few hours after completing the examination. Successful candidates will be emailed a  City & Guilds electronic certificate within five working days after passing the exam, and a hard copy version will follow within four weeks of your examination date. 

You will need to use the electronic version to upload your certificate to the CSCS application portal.

It is essential when you complete the enrolment process, you use the name you would like displayed on your certificate. This information will be used when registering you with City & Guilds.  

Do I need any additional training materials?
No, the City & Guilds 6072 has no requirement for additional materials. Unlike most City & Guilds qualifications, there is no additional publications allowed in the examination room. We would recommend using writing materials when completing the course to make notes and help reinforce the information. 

How will I get access to the course material?
After selecting your preferred examination option and you have completed the enrolment process, you will be automatically emailed access to the online tutorial. If for any reason, you don’t receive the course access, please email, ring or live chat message me, and I will resend the link. 

What payment options are there?
We have two different payment options available, PayPal and Stripe. This gives you plenty of flexibility to pay with a credit or debit card or split the payment using PayPal.

How long do I have to complete the course and exam?
Enrolled candidates will have 12 months to complete the online course material and take the final examination.

I am undecided about whether to book!
You are more than welcome to call me or try the live chat option, and I will happily try and answer any questions you might have. Alternatively, please visit our reviews platform and see what some of our previous candidates say about us.


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It is possible to be certificated within seven days of enrolment. 

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