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Are you looking to get your first ECS Labourers Card and need an ECS approved Health and Safety Course?

If you don’t already hold an approved qualification, you will need to complete an ECS-approved Health & Safety Course.

The Safety Pass Alliance (SPA) H&S Core Day is an approved ECS Health & Safety exemption, and can  be used to complete the ECS Labourers Card application process.

If completed within three years of your ECS application, there is no need to complete the ECS H&S Test additionally.

The course is just one day and can be completed online using Teams or Zoom. 

Courses are available every week starting at 0830hrs and finishing @ 1600hrs. Individual and group bookings are welcome.

The online one-day course is only £174.00 Inc VAT.

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Card renewal or already hold a JIB approved theory qualification?

Do you have one of the qualifications from below. Or just need the ECS Health, Safety & Environment Test?

C&G 2365 Diploma in Electrical Installations

C&G 2330 L3 Certificate in Electro-Technical Technology

C&G 2360 Electrical Installation Work Course

Or the EAL Equivalents

You should also check the ECS website for a full list of approved qualifications.

You may still need to pass the ECS Health, Safety & Environment Assessment.

Our online short course is only £58.00 Inc VAT.  Add a centre ECS  test for only £60.00 Inc VAT.

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Welcome to the world of the ECS Labourer Card...

This card is a must for anyone looking to start or further their career in the electrical industry! The ECS Labourer card signifies you are competent to assist electricians in their electrical installations. Those holding an ECS Labourer Card are supervised during electrical works, thus ensuring safety and efficiency. 

The ECS Labourers Card is used when individuals do not meet the qualification criteria of advanced cards, such as the JIB Gold Card. The Labourer Card provides a valuable opportunity for newcomers, trainees and those looking to start in the electrical industry. This intervention serves those aspiring to reach the pinnacle of the electrical industry to become a fully qualified electrician and gain a JIB Gold Card.

MJ Electrical Training will outline the two routes available to candidates to gain an ECS Labourer Card. We will cover everything you need to know, including essential details about experience and previous qualifications that might influence your application. If you are looking to gain an ECS Labourers Card, please read the below and watch the short video above. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by the chat box below or by calling.

There are two routes to gaining an ECS Labourers Card. Your path will depend greatly on whether you already hold any approved JIB theory qualifications. You will likely need the route below and need an ECS approved Health & Safety Course. 

First ECS Labourers Card and need an ECS approved Health and Safety Course?

The below list outlines all the approved courses that can be used as an ECS Health & Safety exemption. MJ Electrical Training offers the SPA Health & Safety Core Day for only £174.00 Inc VAT. This one-day online face-to-face training course is delivered using Teams or Zoom and is available every week

Those taking this route will also need to prove they are actively engaged in work within the electrotechnical sector. This proof can be provided in a variety of ways:

If your employer has applied for an ECS Labourer Card on your behalf and has done so through the Employer Portal on the ECS webpage, then no further action is required. 

If you are currently working with a company in the trade, then a written reference from that company will be sufficient to progress your application. In terms of the content of this reference letter, there are some minimum expectations set by ECS.

These are:

  • The letter must be on company-headed paper.
  • There is a note to state that you’re working with that company as an electrical labourer.
  • A start date from when you commenced work with the company is provided.
  • The document should be signed by an appropriate person from within the company, including their name, position and the date it was created.

If you are working through an agency, you must request confirmation from the company regarding the duration of your contract as an electrical labourer. Finally, if you are pursuing an electrical qualification and are enrolled in a related course. In that case, you must provide documented proof of your participation in the course from the college, school or training provider.

Finally, to obtain approval, individuals can submit an offer letter, employment contract, or a recent payslip from a reputable business within the industry. It’s crucial to note that only after completing all the steps above can you complete the ECS Labourer Card application process, validating your eligibility and expertise in the field.

It’s important to note that you should verify the above information yourself by going directly to the ECS Website. Although every effort is made to keep up to date with the current application criteria, we can not 100% guarantee the above information is accurate.  

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us either by the chat box below or by calling.

Card renewal or already hold a JIB approved theory qualification?

If you already have a JIB-approved electrical theory qualification such as C&G 2365, 2330 or 2360 (or EAL equivalents), these will be accepted for your Labourer Card. 

A supplementary list of accredited courses has been endorsed as qualifying criteria. While the complete list is provided below, it’s important to mention that individuals holding Level 3 standard qualifications are less likely to be looking to apply for an ECS Labourers Card through the ECS. This is because of their high competency level, indicating that they are well on their path to becoming fully qualified electricians.

JIB Recognised Level 2 Courses

JIB Recognised Level 3 Courses

If you hold any of these qualifications, You may still need to pass the ECS Health, Safety & Environmental Assessment. MJ Electrical Training offer a short course covering what you need to pass the ECS Health & Safety Test. For only £58.00 Inc VAT you will get an in-depth short course with mock test papers, preparing you for the final ECS Health, Safety & Environment Test. We can also book the final ECS Test for you in one of our many centre locations across the country for only an additional £60.00 Inc VAT. Alternatively, you can book the test directly through the ECS website.

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