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Opting for the convenience of taking the 18th edition or Part P final exams from home has become increasingly popular. However, candidates often encounter issues that can be easily avoided by carefully reviewing the provided blog post, email, and attachments. If you find yourself unsure or would like assistance in setting up, feel free to contact me.

If you prefer to switch to a centre examination, refer to the end of this blog post for a list of available locations. Centre exams are also available most weeks. (If you have booked through reed.co.uk there is an additional cost to change to a centre exam, please contact me)

Here are key points to consider for the home exam:

  1. Your home exam is compatible only with Windows-operated PCs or laptops. This excludes Apple products with Windows operating systems, Chromebooks, or MSFT tablets.
  2. Ensure you have a webcam that allows a 360-degree room check.
  3. Select a room that is suitable for taking an examination.
  4. Ensure a stable internet connection; consider connecting directly to your router and disconnecting other devices to optimise bandwidth.
  5. Grant necessary permissions on your computer for screen sharing, camera & microphone access, and popups.
  6. Capture screenshots during the navigation test to serve as a reference in case of technical issues.

The information provided aims to make your home exam experience seamless. For those preferring a centre examination, a list of available locations is provided at the end of this post. If you encounter any difficulties, don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance.

Home Exam Candidate Guide

The name you give during registration will be used to register you with City & Guilds. This name must match your ID on examination day e.g. Sam Smith should be Samuel Smith. If you are unsure, please confirm your name when emailing me your preferred exam dates and times for the examination.  

City & Guilds require a minimum of seven clear days’ notice. The examinations can be taken Monday to Friday at 0800hrs, 1130hrs & 1600hrs

For example, if this email is sent on a Monday, the earliest space would be the following Tuesday. If this email is sent on a Friday at 1800hrs, the earliest space would be the following Monday. 

When you are ready to take the examination, please email me back with something like:

  • Three to five dates and times that you can take the examination. The more options, the better.
  • Any date at 1600hrs.
  • Book the first available exam slot as you are flexible.

Unfortunately, I cannot tell you the availability. The booking platform is on a first come basis.

Making changes to your booking.

Should you wish to make changes to the booking, these must be made via email to us no later than four working days before the agreed examination date. Should you cancel or wish to change your booking within four working days, you must pay the agreed home examination fee again.

What happens next?

When your exam has been booked, I will email you to confirm the date and time. Included in this email will be three attachments:

  1. Example of the email C&G will send you to confirm the exam.
  2. Example of the email C&G will send you with the attend link for your exam
  3. The latest candidate preparation PDF.

You will receive two emails from C&G between the date I confirm your exam and four days before. If you don’t receive these emails, you must contact me.

Should your exam not happen due to a technical issue.

City & Guilds charge for rebooking the remote invigilation unless the technical error was found to be at their end. When you click the “attend test” link, and you start the remote invigilation process, City & Guilds begins recording the session. Should any technical issues occur, C&G will investigate the session by going through the recording. This process takes approximately five working days. Should the worst happen and we need to rebook your examination, the following options are available:

  1. I would recommend this – The rebooking fee for the remote invigilation is £42.00. I can send you a payment link for this and once paid, rebook your exam straightaway. I will ask C&G to investigate the issue and let you know the outcome (I will forward you their email). If the problem is found at their end, I will refund you the £42.00.
  2. I will ask C&G to investigate the issue and when they get back to me should the issue be found at the candidate’s end I can send a paylink link for £42.00 and rebook the examination or rebook with no charge if at City & Guilds end. 

Centre Locations

South EastSouth West Midlands NorthScotlandWales
HounslowPortsmouth Newcastle  
London CentralPlymouth Sheffield  
London WestRedruth Warrington  
Milton Keynes     

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