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CSCS Green Labourer Health & Safety Course

MJ Electrical Training has the largest centre network available in the UK. We have over forty exam centres across the country, offering examinations on a weekly basis. Helping you complete the CSCS Green Labourers Card H&S Course quickly, you could be City & Guilds certificated within seven days from enrolment.

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What other qualifications can we help you gain?

18th Edition Wiring Regulations – Course with City & Guilds exam only £234.00
City & Guilds Level 3 Award in the Requirements for Electrical Installations BS 7671:2018  (2382-22) Accreditation Number (QAN): 603/3319/4.

Part P of the Building Regulations – Course with City & Guilds exam only £210.00
City & Guilds Level 3 Certificate in the Building Regulations for Electrical Installations in Dwellings (2393- 10)

ECS Labourers Card – Health & Safety course taken using MSFT Teams only £174.00
Our one-day online course can be used to complete the ECS application process for gaining an ECS Labourers Card.

CSCS Health & Safety in a Constuction Environment – Course with City & Guilds exam only £174.00
City & Guilds Level 1 Certificate in Health & Safety in a Constuction Environment (6072-51)

CSCS H&S Course Exam Centre List...

CSCS Health & Safety

CSCS Health & Safety

CSCS Health & Safety
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CSCS Health & Safety
Middle England

CSCS Health & Safety
London - Inside M25

CSCS Health & Safety
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CSCS Health & Safety
South West England

ECS Labourers card...

This card is a must for anyone looking to start or further their career in the electrical industry! The ECS Labourer card signifies you are competent to assist electricians in their electrical installations. Those holding an ECS Labourer Card are supervised during electrical works, thus ensuring safety and efficiency. 

The ECS Labourers Card is used when individuals do not meet the qualification criteria of advanced cards, such as the JIB Gold Card. The Labourer Card provides a valuable opportunity for newcomers, trainees and those looking to start in the electrical industry. This intervention serves those aspiring to reach the pinnacle of the electrical industry to become a fully qualified electrician and gain a JIB Gold Card.

There are two routes to gaining an ECS Labourers Card. Your path will depend greatly on whether you already hold any approved JIB theory qualifications. You will likely need the route below and need an ECS approved Health & Safety Course. 

The list below outlines all the courses that have been approved for ECS Health & Safety exemption. MJ Electrical Training offers the SPA Health & Safety Core Day for only £174.00 Inc VAT. This one-day online, face-to-face training course is delivered using Teams or Zoom and is available every week.

Those taking this route will also need to prove they are actively engaged in work within the electrotechnical sector. This proof can be provided in a variety of ways:

If your employer has applied for an ECS Labourer Card on your behalf and has done so through the Employer Portal on the ECS webpage, then no further action is required. 

If you are currently working with a company in the trade, then a written reference from that company will be sufficient to progress your application. In terms of the content of this reference letter, there are some minimum expectations set by ECS.

These are:

  • The letter must be on company-headed paper.
  • There is a note to state that you’re working with that company as an electrical labourer.
  • A start date from when you commenced work with the company is provided.
  • The document should be signed by an appropriate person from within the company, including their name, position and the date it was created.

If you are working through an agency, you must request confirmation from the company regarding the duration of your contract as an electrical labourer. Finally, if you are pursuing an electrical qualification and are enrolled in a related course. In that case, you must provide documented proof of your participation in the course from the college, school or training provider.

Finally, to obtain approval, individuals can submit an offer letter, employment contract, or a recent payslip from a reputable business within the industry. It’s crucial to note that only after completing all the steps above can you complete the ECS Labourer Card application process, validating your eligibility and expertise in the field.

It’s important to note that you should verify the above information yourself by going directly to the ECS Website. Although every effort is made to keep up to date with the current application criteria, we can not 100% guarantee the above information is accurate.  

CSCS Labourers card...

The CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) is a widely recognised certification scheme for construction workers. It was established in the mid-1990s to improve the competence and safety of construction workers on construction sites.

The main purpose of CSCS is to verify that individuals working in the construction industry have the appropriate skills, qualifications, and training required for their specific roles. It aims to ensure that construction workers have the necessary knowledge and understanding of health and safety practices and the technical skills required to carry out their jobs effectively.

The CSCS operates by issuing a range of different-coloured Construction Skills Certification Cards, commonly known as CSCS cards. These cards act as proof that individuals have met the required standards of competence and health and safety awareness for their respective trades or job roles. The cards are widely recognised across the construction industry and are often a mandatory requirement to access construction sites or secure employment with construction companies.

To work as a labourer and gain access to a construction site you will need the Green CSCS Labourers Card. All applicants must hold a recognised Health and Safety qualification to complete the first stage of the application process. The City & Guilds 6072-51 Health & Safety in a Construction Environment is approved by the CSCS. 

When you have completed the qualification and been certified, you can book yourself in for the Health and Safety Operatives Test at a local Person View test centre. Once you have passed both the C&G 6072-51 and the H&S Operatives test, you can complete the application process for your CSCS Card. 

There are three steps to gain your CSCS Green Labourer Card.

  • Step 1
    Obtain an approved Health and Safety qualification related to a construction environment. The City & Guilds 6072-51 is approved by the CSCS.

  • Step 2
    Book and pass the Health, Safety and Environment online test set by CSCS. This can be booked through the CSCS website.

  • Step 3
    Apply for the card and pay the fee.

For the final City & Guilds examination, candidates will engage in a 70-minute multiple-choice test comprising 45 questions. This examination is administered online and can be accessed either remotely from home or in-person at the Aberdeen test center. A minimum passing score of 80% is required to successfully complete the assessment.

Our online course platform is fully compatible with a wide array of electronic devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and personal computers, ensuring seamless accessibility and convenience for all participants.

Upon completion of the examination, candidates can expect prompt delivery of their results via email on the same day, typically within a few hours. Successful candidates will receive an electronic certificate issued by City & Guilds within five working days following the exam. Additionally, a hard copy of the certificate will be dispatched within four weeks from the examination date.

The electronic version of the certificate can be used to upload to the CSCS platform to complete the application process.

CSCS Labourers Card, CSCS Health & Safety, CSCS H&S, CSCS Green Card, CSCS Health & Safety Course Near Me
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