Electrical installation certificate

The electrical installation certificate is to be used for certification of a new circuit an addition or alteration to an existing circuit that would be considered in a special location. That does not fall within the framework of a minor works electrical installation (minor works certificate).

Electrical installation certificate would also be used for a new consumer unit or distribution board.

It is important to note that electrical installation certificates are not to be used for periodic inspections. The electrical installation condition report form (EIRC) should be used for periodic inspections.

The original certificate is to be given to the person ordering the work and a duplicate retained by the contractor.

Important to remember!

  • the electrical installation certificate is only valid if accompanied with a schedule of inspections and test results.
  • signatures on the certificate must be from the designer, installer and the person who completed the schedule of tests.
  • the time interval recommended before the first periodic inspection of EICR must be included.
  • you must number and indicate how many pages there are within the schedule of inspections.
  • when measuring the prospective value of fault current (Ipf) you must record the greater of either the prospective value of short circuit current or the prospective value of earth fault current.

The model forms and schedule of inspections can be seen using the link below, this will take you to the IETs website where you can download PDF versions for free. Alternatively below are links to the Kewtech range of model forms.


These great Kewtech TC1 & TC5 carbonated pads give the contractor the ability to leave the person ordering the works their copy on completion of the inspection.

Although with the latest cloud based certification software these forms are becoming obsolete it is still worth keeping a carbonated pads in the van just in case.

In the appendices of BS7671 18th edition IET Wiring Regulations you can find copies of the model forms with guidance on filling them out. We would also recommend Guidance Note 3 which is really helpful guide on testing and inspecting and completing the model forms.

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