Electrical Model Forms

Anyone completing an electrical installation have an obligation to leave the customer with the appropriate paperwork. These model forms can be found on the IETs website which can be downloaded for free in PDF format alternatively can be purchased through just a few retailers. Our favourite is the Kewtech range.


In this series of posts we will be looking at the various different model forms and which one of the Kewtech electrical installation certificate books you might need.

Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificates

The minor works certificate has been designed and intended for use where additions and alterations to an installation do not extend to a new circuit.

Examples of minor works could be seen as:

  • addition of sockets to an existing radial or ring final circuit
  • additional lighting to an existing lighting circuit
  • relocation of sockets and switches
  • switched and non switched fused spurs
  • replacement of accessories and lighting

It is very important to note that installations must comply with BS7671 – 18th edition wiring regulations and in order to complete a minor works certificate appropriate testing and inspecting must be completed.

These minor works certificates should be given to the owner of the property and a copy retained by the contractor who completed the works. Its important to remember that for every circuit that has been adjusted or changed a minor works certificate is required. Should the installation work be more extensive an electrical installation certificate should be completed.

Certificates should be retained and kept in a safe place and shown to any contractor that undertakes further electrical works on the installation.

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