Some Our Favourite Reviews From 2021

Reviews are really important to us at MJ Electrical Training. They help us see where we can improve in our online training, the content of the courses and the final examinations we deliver. The reviews also help see if our customer service is meeting the needs of our customers, making the complete journey from enquiry to certification as stress-free and seamless as possible.

We strive to be as professional as possible giving genuine honest advice even it means not selling you a course today, we reply to emails as quickly as possible and answer the phone seven days a week and should we miss a call we always call you back.

We use two different review platforms to gather reviews from candidates Google and Reviews. The Google reviews are through Google My Business (GMB) which is a great platform and it’s free to use, we use GMB for all the different centre locations we work from. If you are looking for electrical training in any of the following locations:

There is a good chance you will have come across our GMB page, showing the reviews we have had from candidates who have taken their exams in this location, the latest examination dates and relevant up to date information about our courses and the current prices can also be found on our GMB pages.

The downside to GMB business reviews is that you need to have a Google mail or Gmail account to leave a review, because of this we also use a platform called Reviews.

Reviews is a great platform that not only amalgamates all our reviews together but also allows reviews to be left.

Check out our reviews platform here>>

Let’s take a look at our top reviews for 2021

Mike O, who took his City & Guilds 18th edition IET Wiring Regulations exam in Basingstoke in September 2021. Mike also completed his online 18th edition training with us.

“MJ Training Solutions ‘ARE THE SOLUTION’ for taking further training in the electrical industry. Clear and concise instructions a great selection of quick tests and mock examination papers…” Read the rest of Mikes review here >>

Mike left us a great five-star review. Thanks, Mike.

Stephen A, who also took the City & Guilds 18th edition IET Wiring Regulations exam however, Stephen took advantage of the online home examination option. Stephen completed his 18th edition training online, then from home using his PCs webcam had his exam invigilated.

“Did the online exam with online invigilation. All went very smoothly, and Simon from MJ Training was very careful” Read the rest of Stephens review here >>

Stephen left us a great five-star review. Thanks, Stephen.

John C, took the 18th edition examination at our Reading examination centre, just off the M4 in Wokingham. John also completed his 18th edition training with us helping him prepare and get ready for the final City & Guilds 2382 examination.

“All I can say is that experience of between online practice questions and the quick response time of any emails sent to MJ Training made the learning process of the 18th Edition seamless. I would highly recommend this as a training tool to anyone who is trying to complete their 18th Edition” Read the rest of John’s review here >>

John left us a great five-star review. Thanks, John.

Jim S, went all out in Basingstoke this December and took both the 18th edition and Part P final examinations. Jim decided to retrain as an electrician and took these industry-recognised qualifications to help make himself become more employable. Jim completed both the 18th edition training and Part P domestic installer training online then came to our Basingstoke examination centre to take the 2382 and 2393 City & Guilds final exams.

“MJ Training was perfect for my needs, Simon was extremely supportive all the way, and I could not have asked for anything more. I passed both my 18th and Part P on the same day. And without Simon’s advice and support, I would not have had such a great result. The training was well planned on the day and Daniel was great and made us all feel at ease on the day. I highly recommend MJ Training and I shall do so to my friends and colleague’s in the future.” Read the rest of Jim’s review here >>

Jim left us a great five-star review. Thanks, Jim.

Steve D from Tiverton, with is just outside Exeter took the short drive down the M5 to complete his City & Guilds 2382 examination. Steve completed his 18th edition training online with us and passed his 18th edition exam in November 2021.

“Excellent, concise course which leads you through the coursework and helps you out with lots of little tips to help you pass. Highly recommended.” Read the rest of Steves review here >>

Steve left us a great five-star review. Thanks, Steve.

Pav S, completed the Part P online training with MJ Electrical Training the went on to pass his City & Guilds 2392-10 final examination at our Heathrow examination centre.

“Course was well presented Simon and other tutors are very helpful and always willing to take time out to help. The course it is given in a very manageable way and very clear. I would definitely recommend MJ.” Read the rest of Pavs review here >>

Pav left us a great five-star review. Thanks, Pav.

Ioan M, was in Solihull in mid-2021 taking not only his 18th edition IET wiring regulations final exam but also taking the IOSH Working Safely examination. The IOSH Working Safely can be used as a health and safety exemption when applying for or renewing an ECS card. Ioan was looking to upgrade to the JIB Gold Card and needed a quick and streamlined option to getting an approved health and safety exemption.

“Best training provided by Mj Electrical Training. Simon was so helpful and he replied fast all the time when I need information. If you’re going through the training provided by them and you’re focused on the tips/mock exams/other info’s provided you will pass 100%.” Read the rest of Ioan review here >>

Ioan left us a great five-star review. Thanks, Ioan.

Ged R, passed the Health and Safety in Constuction Qualifciation using the City & Guilds home examination option back in October 2021. Ged needed the Green CCSC Card ASAP to get back into work and used our streamlined and quick process of completing the online home training and home exam to get his certificate to complete the CSCS application process. Amazingly Ged enrolled on a Tuesday and took the City & Guilds examination the following Wednesday and had his C&G certificate by the Friday – 12 days from start to finish..

“After contacting a few companies I was very apprehensive about an online course. However Mike at MJS made it a very satisfying event, he was very patient in helping to set up the webcam that I bought specially for the course. There are very few times that I have spent money and got exactly what it says on the tin, this was one of them. Go ahead and book you will not be disappointed with good value and great service.” Read the rest of Geds review here >>

Ged left us a great five-star review. Thanks, Ged.

Thank you to everyone who left us a review in 2021, we hope you had a great Christmas and a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.

Best Regards,

Simon, MJ Electrical Training

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